Author: Nola Published: almost 3 years ago.
Tags: Christian, acrostics, poetry Category: Poetry

Delight is a fragile thing; you keep yourself for its touch and it fades in broken instants of longing; the unanswered hopes flailing, cascading. Lord, how long? His love and faithfulness are sure. He hears my prayer, but is it His will? Would it please him to give me what I ask? You know the tears lining my nights, the embers about to be snuffed out. My desires are in your hands, I give of myself. Make my thoughts bend to your ways, for only then will my heart see your promises fulfilled.

(Psalm 37:4)

© Nola Passmore

(Published in All Creation Sings Vol 1: Psalms of Everyday Christians, compiled by R. Manners & A. Paskins, Wombat Books, 2010, p. 56)

Note: If you read just the first word of each line, they spell out the verse. For more information, see the post Poetic Forms Part 3: Fun with Forms.